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Two Part Suit

Jetstream standard

€ 799

The two part suit Jetstream has an easy and save handling for beginners.

One Piece Suit

Blizzard basic

€ 850

Blizzard custom

€ 879

Blizzard shadow

€ 999

Typhoon standard

€ 1005

The one piece wingsuit Blizzard is for advanced flyers and professionals and offers a special flying experience.

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front side

back side

  1. from shoulder joint over slightly bent elbow to wrist bone in cm (45-80)

  2. from neck joint to shoulder joint in cm (10-25)

  3. in cm (30-50)

  4. in cm (12-25)

  5. from the 7th cervical vertebra to the waist in cm (30-70)

  6. waist to floor without shoes in cm (70-130)

  7. from top of instep to floor, without shoes) in cm (70-120)

  8. waist to widest point of hip in cm (10-30)

  9. throat – crotch – back of neck in cm (50-250)

  10. EU-Größe (30-50)

  11. in kg (40-200)

  12. Finished!

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